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Building Checks – What We Look For

Structural Problems Including:

Structural Cracking and Movement to:

  • Roof Structure: Concrete roof slabs
  • Wall Structure: Masonry; external render and stucco; internal solid plaster; internal lath and plaster, plaster sheet and plasterboard
  • Floor Structure: Reinforced concrete construction

Deformation of:

  • Roof Structure: Roof framing and roofing
  • Wall Structure: Framed and masonry construction
  • Floor Structure: Suspended concrete slabs, suspended timber ground floors, timber upper floors, stairways

Dampness in:

  • Wall Structure: Ceilings, internal walls, external walls
  • Floor Structure: Suspended floors, slab-on-ground construction

Structural Timber Pest Damage in:

  • Roof wall and floor structures caused by chemical delignification, fungal decay, woodborers, and termites

Conditions Conducive To Structural Damage Including:

Defective Plumbing and Defective Roof Plumbing and Flashings including:

  • Non-existent rainwater goods including flashings, gutters and down-pipes
  • Lack of general storm-water drainage
  • Faulty, decayed or lack of parapet / chimney flashings
  • Cracked or decayed roof cladding
  • Inadequate pitch / lap of roof cladding / no sarking
  • Faulty / decayed vent / flue flashings
  • Decayed ridge cappings, gutters and down-pipes

Defective / Bridge Damp Proof Course including:

  • Non-existent damp-proof course in masonry walls
  • Failed / defective damp-proof course
  • Bridged damp-proof course by: earth, mulch, path, floor, rendering, re-pointing and additions

Shoddy Work including:

  • Construction which is obviously unsatisfactory / even dangerous
  • Construction which has been built without regard to any recognised standard
  • Repairs to the building structure of a superficial / makeshift nature
  • Materials unsuitable for the purpose for which they were intended

Significant Defects In Secondary and Finishing Elements Including:


  • Ceilings and cornices for sagging, nails popping, defective lining, cracking, damp damage
  • Internal wall finishes (load bearing and non-load bearing walls) for bulging, nails popping, out of plumb, cracking / crazing, loss of adhesion, blowing and pitting, cracked glass blocks / glazed partitions
  • Floor finishes (e.g. polished wood, terrazzo, ceramic tiles or slates, but not a floor covering) for surface cracking / crazing, cracking at doorways, lifting, damp damage
  • Floor coverings (linoleum, cork, carpet etc) for wear and tear, lifting, damp damage
  • Paintwork for blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling, mould growth
  • Windows / window elements for grazing putty, failed glazing seals, broken glass, sash operation, sash fittings and hardware, water staining, rotting wooden frames, corroded metal frames
  • Door / door elements for defective door hardware, damaged doors, binding doors, loose / badly fitting doors, corroded / rotted frames
  • Fly-screens for fixing, damaged frames, damaged screens
  • Architraves / skirtings for fixing, damp damage
  • Fireplaces / chimneys for broken / missing grates or inserts, damaged timber / stone surrounds, damaged hearth tiles, smoke stains on fireplace openings, water stains on chimney breast
  • Kitchen bench tops for lifting, damage, water damage
  • Kitchen cupboards for fixing, fitting / operation of doors, drawers and hardware, water damage
  • Kitchen pantry for defective doors and shelves
  • Kitchen tiles for cracking, being drummy / loose, missing / cracked grouting / sealant
  • Kitchen paintwork for blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling or mould growth
  • Kitchen sink / taps for leaking trap and waste pipe, damage, operation, incomplete assembly, leaking traps
  • Bathroom floor finish for imperviousness, grade to floor waste, water damage
  • Bathroom wall sheeting for fixing, watertight joining, damage
  • Bathroom tiles for cracking, being drummy, fixing, missing or cracked grouting / sealant
  • Bathroom paintwork for blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling, mould growth
  • WC cistern and bidet for cracking, leaking, fixing
  • Taps for operation, leaking, incomplete assembly
  • Bath and spa for being adequately sealed and properly recessed at junction with wall, damage
  • Shower for screen, leakage, leaks and water damage around cracks and shower rose, broken glass
  • Vanity for water damage, fixing, leaking trap and waste pipe
  • Washbasin for fixing, cracking, leaking trap and waste pipe
  • Laundry floor finish for imperviousness, grade to floor waste, water damage
  • Laundry wall sheeting for fixing, water tight joining, damage
  • Laundry tiles for cracking, being drummy, fixing, grouting and sealant
  • Laundry paintwork for blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling, mould growth
  • Laundry washtubs / taps for leaking trap and waste pipe, operation, corrosion of cabinet, incomplete assembly, leaking taps


  • Masonry walls ( incl. face brickwork, block work, external render or stucco) for bricks fretting and spalling, mortar eroding, blocked / obstructed weepholes, cracking brickwork, corrosion of  embedded steel, arch bars or lintels and associated cracking, movement, crazing and surface cracking, sheet spalling.
  • External cladding for wind damage, rotted weatherboards, warping / splitting and corrosion
  • Damp-proof course / flashing for fixing, damage, corrosion, being loose, dislodged / deteriorated
  • Windows / window elements for gaps to wall structure, sealing to junction between frame and wall, state of glazing putty, weathering, rotted timber, corrosion
  • Door steps for damage, cracking, thresholds cracked due to bad bedding practice
  • Slab floor finishes (balconies and patios) for damage, lifting and cracking
  • Paintwork for effect of lack of painting on watertightness of external walls and parapets, blistering, flaking, cracking, peeling
  • Chimneys for lack of chimney support, continuity and intactness within roof space, intactness above roof line, missing chimney pots / cowls, dislodgement or deterioration of flashings, mortar erosion, metal flue corrosion
  • External joinery (e.g. barge boards, gable ends etc) for fixing, badly weathered or rotted timbers
  • Garage doors for fixing, badly weathered or rotted timbers, corrosion, damage
  • Underside of roofing for corrosion, deterioration, watertightness
  • Roofing for corrosion, secureness of fixing screws, lifting, damage, watertightness, pointing, state of ridge tiles, shell ends, barge tiles
  • Skylights for leaking, damage
  • Valleys for fixing, corrosion
  • Flashings for being loose, dislodged or deteriorated, damage
  • Rainwater goods ( including gutters, downpipes, and rainwater tanks) for fixing, damage, corrosion
  • Eaves linings for fixing, damage
  • Roof insulation for fixing, damage
  • Roof sarking for fixing, damage
  • Vermin proofing / birdproofing (mesh and plates) for fixing, damage, corrosion
  • Termite shields for fixing, damage, corrosion
  • Small retaining walls (non-structural) for cracking, movement, tilting
  • Paths and paving for cracking, breaks, evenness
  • Driveways for cracking, breaks, evenness
  • Stairs and handrails for corrosion, rotted timber, safety
  • Steps for cracking, breaks, evenness, safety
  • Fences for fixing, being plumb, cracking & movement, badly weathered or rotted palings, corrosion, damage
  • Site drainage for defective piping, possible drainage problems if the inspection is conducted during a prolonged dry spell

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