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Purchasing a property is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. You need someone you can trust. If significant problems are undetected, you could be facing huge repair bills. Your dream home could quickly become your never-ending nightmare. A house that looks perfect to the untrained eye may be hiding some nasty surprises.

  • You need a Building Inspector who is not there to generate additional work for himself, reducing  the objectivity of your report
    Choose only dedicated specialists!
  • You need a Building Inspector who is entirely independent of other professionals
    Choose only a totally impartial and strictly confidential Building Inspection service!
  • For your protection, you want to know that your decisions have the backing of substantial professional indemnity insurance
    Choose only a fully insured service which covers the inspector actually conducting your inspection!
  • You want to make an informed decision supported by professional training and extensive practical experience
    Choose only a Building Inspector who is specifically trained for the job and a company that is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.
  • You need a Building Inspector who is personally committed to your inspection and concerned  about the quality and accuracy of your report
    Deal only with a reputable company that has an established track record with no contractors or part-timers!
  • You need someone who will take the time to discuss your report with you and will help you make a fully informed decision
    You need a Full Defect Report, not just a Structural-Only Report!
  • You have too much at stake to entrust your Building & Termite Inspection to just anybody. For your peace of mind we focus on doing only one thing very well… taking care of YOU…

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